Top 20 Leadership Qualities


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    Top 20 Leadership Qualities - Presentation Transcript

    1. Top 20 Leadership Qualities By: Atul Kaushik
    2. Dreamer
      • A Dreamer who dream goals with a plan and a deadline
    3. Borrow ideas
      • Borrow ideas and taking advice from good people
    4. Sense of humour
      • Sense of Humour is essential to ease tension and tediousness, as well as to calm hostility
    5. Simplifiers
      • great Simplifiers
    6. Serve
      • ready to Serve and not be served
    7. Accountable
      • Accountable for her/his own work and team work
    8. Respect
      • treat others with Respect
    9. Listening
      • Listening to and really understanding people
    10. Leading by example
      • Leading by example , always be seen to be working harder and more determinedly than anyone else
    11. Involving
      • Involving people in her/his thinking and especially in managing change
    12. Well planned
      • is Well planned , do planning and prioritising
    13. Virtue
      • Virtue , simply defined: nobility of soul
    14. Fairness
      • dealing with others as Fairness , consistently and justly
    15. Clearly state
      • Clearly State what one expects so that there will be no misunderstandings
    16. Integrity
      • Integrity is the integration of outward actions and inner values
    17. Credit
      • giving Credit where it is due
    18. Humble
      • a Humble and down to earth
    19. Open
      • Open to listen new ideas, even if they do not conform to the usual way of thinking
    20. Creativity
      • Creativity is the ability to think differently, to get outside of the box that constrains solutions
    21. Dedication
      • show Dedication to spend whatever time or energy is required to finish the task at hand
    22. Thanks By: Atul Kaushik Email: Blog:

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