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LEGAL NOTICE: Mozilla is providing links to these third-party Ubiquity commands as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the commands or any information related there to. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding the commands must be directed to the appropriate developer or software vendor.

Commands in the Wild

Please note that the main way we'd like commands to be distributed and shared in the future is via The Ubiquity Herd. Right now there isn't any social functionality on the Herd, though, which is why we're using this page to allow for user-contributed commentary and discussion. At some point in the near future we'll be adding this kind of functionality to the Herd and will migrate the content on this page there.

There Be Dragons Here

Pioneering can be crazy fun, but also a bit dangerous. The commands referenced here have not been reviewed by Mozilla. They may contain malicious code, so use them only at your own risk. Until Ubiquity becomes more mature, we recommend only adding commands that come from people you trust, or if you've read the code and know that they are safe.

Beware that even if you review the code before subscribing, the code may be subject to change from the publisher, and your copy will automatically update on firefox restart. This problem will be remedied in later versions of Ubiquity.

Web Search

Site-specific Search

Google Search

Google Feeling Lucky

Griflet: I renamed these commands with their natural names. The old commands with their original names can still be found here

Torrent Search

Directory Search


English language tools

Website Lookup

synonyms: links, parse links, urls, url



Bookmarks and Web History

[5] For ubiquity v0.5+ [6] For ubiquity versions before 0.5

Text manipulation

Website manipulation

Temporary Email Address

Creates a temporary Jetable email address for a given life span (one hour, one day, one week, one month).

Opens the mailinator inbox of the typed name. Creates a temporary email address for a given life span (half hour, hour, half day, day, week, month, half year, year).

Ubiquity 0.5 command Ubiquity 0.1.x command Opens a new tab with inbox of the wanted adress


see also swies's commands, below


Wikipedia editing


Computer Programming / development tools


Labs/Ubiquity/dial: Configure your Asterisk PBX to use the 'dial' command for Ubiquity.

Common Lisp


search-c++ Searches a term on


  1. jquery: Searches the jQuery documentation.
  2. Searches the jQuery documentation with result previews and keyword coloring screenshot


php Search & Preview PHP function specs, comments, examples, etc. example: php strstr examples

php search PHP function documentation example: php join()

phpd search PHP documentation example: phpd class

phpdoc Find information about a selected/entered php function example: phpdoc echo

php A mix of phpd and phpdoc here above, you get a shortlist and when you hit enter, you are taken to the next tabs open pointing to the most appropriate documenation. example: php str_repl


perldoc, cpan, monks: Three commands, one each to search perldocs, CPAN and


rails search rails documentation example: rails link_to


as3livedocs, as3desc, as3package: Three commands, one to open up livedocs page given a class, one to give the description of an actionscript class and another to give the package to which a class belongs to.


coldfusion: Search the Coldfusion 8 LiveDocs.



select - select gives you read access to your MySQL databases right from Ubiquity, with smart suggestions of your table and column names.




Java API - Wraps a google search pointing to the java API

Java API Search - Another search of the Java API, with a detailed preview. Compatible with Ubiquity 0.5.



HTML Validation

W3C Validator Ubiquity Plugin Submits the current page to the W3C's markup validator. Enter the command "validate" on any publicly available web page and hit enter.


Wordpress Searches the terms in Documentation & Forums on

wpseek Lookup any WordPress function or Template Tag with

Gecko Development


Drupal API

Drupal API Ubiquity Plugin Lookup functions, files, constants, etc. in Drupal's API. Enter the command "drupal" followed by what you wish to lookup. Hit enter to be taken to that item in the API.


Pydoc Lookup any Python terms via Enter "pydoc" followed by the search term.

  1. Searches the with result previews and keyword coloring screenshot

BSD Man Pages

bsdman Lookup BSD man pages with apropos support. Enter 'bsdman' followed by the search term. Updated for Ubiquity 0.5.


New API:

2 commands:


trimurl Uses the service to shorten a URL and put it in your clipboard if successful

trim Inspired by 'tinyurl' and works in a similar way but uses

Other URL manipulation


Web 2.0 (Social networks, blogs, recommenders, etc)

Add to Any

Parser 1.0: Share current page using any service. Script:

Parser 2.0: Source Script can be located from a Google Code project.


  1. backtype: Starts a search of BackType, which allows you to do a search for a person's comments on blogs and other sites.


A Global search of Moodle Based Courses, Forums, Wiki's, Blogs, Users, Posts, Authors, etc.


To use, just type cipher + the word you wish to search.

Add a page to your delicious bookmarks


To use, just type delicious + your tags.

Another Command:

Highlight some text on the page for notes, activate Ubiquity, enter command share-on-delicious. You can also enter your own notes, assign tags to the bookmark with the "tagged" modifier, and alter the bookmark default page title with the "entitled" modifier. Note that you must also already be logged in at to use this command.

Another Command:

Emulates the bookmarklet. Highlight some text on the page for notes, activate Ubiquity, enter command delicious. It will pop up a new window where you can select tags other people have used for the URL.

View a users delicious tags


Shows bookmarks from this user {username} tagged with {tagname} To use, type get-delicious {username} tag {tagname}

View the 10 most popular/recent bookmarks in delicious


Shows the 10 most popular/recent bookmarks. To use, type recent-delicious or popular-delicious.



Lets you update your status and go quickly to a friend's profile.

[script] with two commands:

Search Facebook with Preview

Updated December 12, 2009: Fixed functionality.

Duplicates the functionality of the Facebook search box in Ubiquity. Start typing the name of a friend, group, or application, and you'll see matching results right in the preview area. Pressing return will take you to the first matching profile, and control + alt + number will take you directly to any other match. If you're not logged in or there aren't any matches, pressing enter will take you to the search results on Facebook. You can even type in parts of a name. Typing 'Stan Brown' or even 'Brow Stan,' for example, will match Stanley Brown (just as they would in the actual Facebook search).

Note: In order to get a preview that shows matches, you must be logged into Facebook and have either of the following settings:

Works with Ubiquity 0.5.*


Share on Facebook

Shares the the page in the current tab on Facebook. I parsed the bookmarklet provided by Facebook so you get the nice little pop-up window rather than a whole new tab.


Search Facebook

Look anything up in Facebook, contacts, groups and it even works whether you are logged in or not.

script here

Ffffound it!

Adds images to the Ffffound! image repository site. You must have a Ffffound! account to be able to use. Simply navigate to to install using firefox. Use the command "ffffound it" on a page which has the image you want to save.




Looks up (On, how to pronounce a english word correctly.

Script: [9] Allows you to post to from Mozilla Ubiquity. To use, install from link, open Ubiquity and type "" followed by your status message.

The above script is no longer hosted at this URL, as the site is no longer available. If someone has a cached version of this code, please contact [Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs] who will host it on his site.


LinkedIn Search: Searches LinkedIn for the specified person.
Name must be in 'FirstName <Middle Initials or Names> LastName' format.


  1. mixx: Mixx the typed/pasted url, or highlighted url, or otherwise the current page. Also get the mixx count of the url in the preview.


Script: myExperiment basic search command Basic search plugin for myExperiment, an online comunity for scientists.

Search social bookmarking websites using
Simply type 'pawst topic' i.e 'pawst funny pics'

by Shmuel Ahdut - licensed as MPL

Subscribe: (You'll get Ubiquity's subscribe popline)


  1. sphinn: Sphinns the typed url, or highlighted url, or otherwise the current page. Also get the sphinn count of the url in the preview.


Script: To add your username and api key use the command: jaiku-setuserandkey <username> api <apikey> -- you can get your api key on (inspired by to post: jaiku <you presence> at <location> : The location is optional, if you don't pass, the script will try to guess it using CmdUtils.getGeoLocation().


Idiquityallows updating and checking your timeline from Ubiquity. More functionality is to come; details are at the site. It is compatible with any based site (or any site with a Twitter compatible API).

News and Feed Readers

NYTimes recent Headlines: autosuggest recent headlines when you are typing; and if no matching, just hit enter, you will go to search page.

Simple news feed: Returns latest headlines from various vendors such as bbc, cnn and digg.

Planetaki Commands: Add the website you're visiting to your Planet

get-news: Enables you to search Google News for news titles.


Go to user profile

Type "nexopia" and the user's name and it will take you directly to that user's profile on


People Search


Serchilo in Ubiquity allows using Serchilo commands in Ubiquity.

Allows you to post messages via the service.


The first time it is used, you must provide it with your app key by typing "ping-set-key <your app key>" Once it has stored your app key, you do not need to provide it again, and can just type "ping <message>" Your app key can be found at


A password database site for general public. You can use this command to find passwords for free websites so you don't have to register to them.

For Ubiquity 0.1.x

For Ubiquity 0.5 (works in new parser)

Google Bookmarks

Adds the current page to your Google bookmarks with the title you give it. Still rather rough - not robust against invalid inputs.

Google bookmarks search. It works like the google search owning shortcut and label display.

Alternative: gbk and gbk-search: Search and add bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

Google Reader (shared items)

Adds the current selection to your Google Reader Shared Items page and allows you to add a note to it. share-on-reader command

Alternate Command: Note in Reader

View Google Reader Items

Gread previews your inbox, starred, or shared:

Previews unread items' title:, you should change the "YOURUSERIDGOESHERE" by yourself



Urdna's 'Reddit-This' command

Social Graph (FOAF/XFN etc)

DanBri's 'foaf' command (calls Google SGAPI)

Stickam - Watch someone's live Stickam stream without going to their profile

movieshare: Allows for simple posting to the social movie news website

soup - replicates the functionality of the bookmarklet for the tumblelogging service


2 commands:




* Diigo Add a page to your Diigo bookmarks



* github-user Enhances github user page with repository sorting and additional repository
stats. blogs

Goosh Command Shell

Socialight Search


meme from Yahoo



ESV bible

insert from ESV, search with ESV - Compatible with Ubiquity 0.5 Either insert text into the current selection from a passage in the ESV Bible, or search the ESV for a given passage or phrase.

WishAmazon - Allows adding any product page on the web to your Amazon Wish List. Similar functionality to the Amazon Universal Wish List bookmarklet.


buxfer-spend, buxfer-receive - Adds a transaction to using its remote API, spending or receiving a given amount. (Homepage here).

twixfer - Adds a transaction to, using the Twitter API (obsolete - use buxfer-spend and buxfer-receive instead) (Homepage here).

Google Voice

call - Calls any selected 10-digit number (or enter on command line)


gtdphp - gtdin adds an inbox item, and gtdref creates a reference to the current page, as a child of a specific project

Remember The Milk


gubb-* - Interface to Gubb, with adding items and inserting lists/contents functionality.

World of Warcraft bookmarklet

instapaper: Saves current page to read later on Instapaper. If you select some text from the page, it will be stored as the summary. This command will store your instapaper login and password in the browser password manager. Uses the new instapaper API.

later: an alternate implementation that mimics the bookmarklet (requires your bookmarklet hash key). Might be a dead link now??? Bookmarklet/RSS

laterloop-this: Mimics functionality of the laterloop bookmarklet.

laterloop: Shows items you have saved for later in your preview. Allows for paging and can open a specific item through use of an "open #" modifier.

laterloop-clear: Utility command to clear out preference values stored when initially setting up the laterloop and laterloop-this commands.

Other Web Applications

tw-* - Allows you to Create, Open, or Search for keywords within, Tiddlers from your TiddlyWiki

Web 3.0 (Web Of Data, Semantic Web, etc)

Commands allowing the access or manipulation Web 3.0 content, that is RDF-based datasets such as linked data.



Michael Hausenblas has put together a collection of WoD commands. Currently three commands are available:

Some more commands


Benjamin Nowack has written the cb command allowing to do CrunchBase lookups for companies, products or people.


add-to-twine: Brings up the dialog for posting the current page to Twine.

Linked Data Exploration

OpenLink Web Resource Description Commands - Commands for obtaining structured descriptions of Web Resources. Uses Openlink Virtuoso's in-built RDFization Middleware ("Sponger") and Linked Data Deployment technology.

Link lookup and insertion


headup: Connect the artist / city / person / company / movie / book / etc - with relevant and personalized information, using the headup Firefox addon - Get headup.




RDFa commands: RDFa WG bookmarklets as Ubiquity commands

Country specific Commands


































Random tools

Command collections

MySpace command collection: MySpace Command Collection

StumbleUpon Command Set adds Stumble functionality to Ubiquity. Has three commands: stumble, want ("Thumbs-Up"), and does-not-want ("Thumbs-Down").

Insert words using a keyword: insert and learn-to-insert

Screen Resolution commands: size and resize

liketribe: chat with an intelligent assistant bot to get recommendations, directions, weather, connect with friends, or just ramble on aimlessly.

Tonight: searches for venues, restaurants and events in your city, near a specific location.

news command: simple news command.

rakudave's commands: firefox add-ons, ubuntu brainstorm, just-ping, rhyme Search for images at Search for products and compare prices at

Ubiquity Commands by Mika: Random commands including and referenced above.

issi_noho's (and others) commands: and more soon. Submit your command here.

CyberPrime's Commands: SearchMe.Com, demonoid, about:commands and much more to come

enobrev's commands: php and html (with auto-completion)

swies's commands: dog, clock, msdn

Abi's commands

Erik Vold's Commands: backtype, charlierose, coldfusion, comicstrip, dictionary, greasemonkey, inlinks-yahoo, jquery, mixx, mysql, quarkbase, sphinn.

Dietrich's commands

Gilbert's commands: date, time-12, time-24

Brandon's Commands: FriendFeed

Fuzzhead's Commands: What's My IP?

Improved IP address retrieval Should work for ipv6 too.

Whatthechuck's commands: validate (W3C markup validator), vimeo

Nickworks's commands: Seeqpod,

aufrank's commands: gfl, urej

calhoun_ftw's commands: Embiggen TinyURL replacer adaption, newegg, pirate bay, many more, releasing new always. commands: remove/replace selection, detach tab to new window, open chromeless window

FreakCERS's commands: latex

satf commands: <blink>, jaen, fix-all-problems,

Yaz's Commands: rot13

hoffstein's commands: stock-quote, stock-chart

Bayard's commands: WoWhead, WoW Armoury, BBCode

Grant's commands: Facebook, Lorem Ipsum generator, MD5/Sha1 hashes, Penis flood, artist/torrent search, UPS/USPS/FedEx tracking

Setsuna666's commands: Amazon Canada

Onur Yalaz?'s commands: kissalt, bugmenot

vunite's commands: goto, shorten, craigslist

Timofei Shatrov's commands: clhs, myip, urban-dictionary-search, sharebee-download

Jim's commands: add-to-reader Add marked text to your blog whatismyip

Mini-Geek's commands: homestar-runner-wiki, starcraft-wiki, tniv-bible-passage, tniv-bible-word, webster-dictionary, webster-thesaurus, open-url, ign, and fileshack

Geero's commands: track search, Bible Gateway ESV URL builder

amazon-search-all: Search all items on

Mike's commands: mail (uses mailto: urls) ticker (preview or paste a stock quote and its change); bling (currency conversion in google syntax)

[12]:, Instapaper,, Google Reader subscribe, Twitter Search, Yep, zap CSS

kollektive: links - converts non-marked up text/html which contains urls and email addresses into proper anchor tags. Works within html pages, and in rich text editing fields (eg. rich text editing in GMAIL)

Xatan's ubiquity commands: google scholar, xunlei(??), baidu(??), douban(??), verycd, google news,, mininova, (detailed english explanation)

TV Globo Video Search: searches for TV Globo and GloboSat videos (Brazil).

sr-map: Searches for street names and shows them on a map. Works for couple of cities in Serbia.

Skyhopper88's Commands Several Search Commands, edit of Gmail script below for .1.1

Alex's fanfou command: post to fanfou (??)

Samps's command collection: eBay-Au, Ubuntu-WiKi, Skweezer, Wapedia, PHP function search

Evilavatar: Search Evilavatar for new posts containing your search term

I.C.E.C.R.E.A.M COMMANDS: directions, reverse-lookup, googlism

Sieglinde's commands: babylon,leo,reverse-telephone,open-thesaurus

objectforward's commands: dictionary - simple command to use for word look up. thesaurus - uses for similar word look up. I just like this better than the default 'define' command. Enjoy!

VersionOne: A command set for users of the VersionOne agile project management suite.

find commands: Commands to control the firefox search (ctrl+f)

pentarious's command collection: urlize, scholar-search, torrent-search, music-search

Keith's Ubiquity Feeds for Economists (and others): econpapers, econpapers-author, econpapers-title, umdlib, stata, statalist, scholar, lorem ipsum

Spencer's command collection: Freebase lookup tools, 'greasemonkey-like' website manipulation

Pre 0.1 Style Commands (Now Broken)

  1. Quote text for BB-style forums. Quotebb.js
  2. Quotes HTML entities in your selection. quotehtml.js
  3. Opens Gmail in a new tab, as well as showing you the last couple of new messages in the preivew. Gmail.js
  4. Let's you Twitter from anywhere. This command has been moved into Ubiquity core. Twitter.js
  5. Another micro-blogging service like Twitter/Pounce/etc., but open source Essentially identical code to Twitter+Ubiquity above, except for renaming of constants and web addresses identica(2).js
  6. DiggThis.js
  7. Converts your selection to lower case. tolower.js